Friday, 17 January 2014

Create Office 2013 Excel App

Hey guys now let us see how we can create an office 2013 excel app
First of all we need a little knowledge on
1. Html
2. Css
3. Javascript

1. Visual Studio with office tools


1. First of all Start your Visual Studio.

2. Click  on "New Project". Then you will find "apps for office 2013". Click on it.

3. Give it a name and then click create. Then it will ask for which type of Office application you are going to built. Choose your preferred one.

4. Then click on finish then the project will be created.
5. Then you have got three files where you need to code. 
     1. Home.html for html file
     2. Home.css for design
     3. Home.js for the script

6. Then run the app.This app shows you the text you have selected in excel/word.

6. For more tutorials refer Here.

Thank You